Risk management and technical documentation

Zert develops web-based programs for risk management and technical documentation. Programs that make it easy for you to access what you need, no matter where you are.

Thank you and goodbye, paperwork

Zert wants to challenge old inefficient working methods and replace them with smart automated solutions, simply so that you can devote yourself to the essentials of your everyday life. This means that we constantly challenge and renew the way in which companies can produce and publish technical documentation.

Total control

With reports and overview in the action plan, you will always have full
control over the information

Save time and money

With efficient working methods you can save on resources, with our web services you work smart.

Work effectively in scattered teams

With our web services, the information is structured and makes it easy to work even in scattered teams.

Our programs

Our web-based applications let you manage and collect everything you need – in one system. You manage the risks and law requirements in projects with Zert RMp. Zert RM allows you to identify, evaluate and communicate risks in the organization and with Zert CLM you create, manage and distribute statutory technical documentation.

Zert CLM

Zert CLM contains everything you need to create, collect, maintain and publish multilingual technical documentation and aftermarket material.

The program is powerful, user-friendly, easy to adapt to your demands.

Zert RM

Zert RM is a web-based application that brings together your risk management in one place. The program makes it easy to identify as well as evaluate and communicate the risks in your organization.

Since Zert RM is made up of modules, you can easily adapt it to your needs.

Zert RMp

Zert RMp is a web-based demand management program that gives you, as a project manager, complete control over the entire project.

Zert RMp is also a planning, process and quality support focusing on law-driven demands, standards demands and company-specific demands.

Ready-made service packages

Zert CLM – Technical documentation

ISO 20607:2019

The service package contains everything you need to produce a user manual that complies with the new standard Safety of machinery – Instruction handbook – General drafting principles (ISO 20607: 2019). With ready-made templates you can get started quickly.

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Zert RM – Risk management

AFS 2017:3

Use and control of pressurized devices. The service package contains everything you need to fulfil the new demands for pressurized devices.

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The subscription contains everything you need to achieve the CE marking of a machine delivery in accordance with 2006/42/EG.

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Better projects start with better security work. Our specialists guide you and guide both projects and line work to the right level of security, relevant documentation and an efficient process.


AFRY acquires software company Zert AB

To further strengthen the digital offering, AFRY is acquiring the software company Zert AB.

New website!

Our new website is now live with a new look, and is built so that you as a visitor can easily find what you are looking for. On the website you will find information about our software and the other services that we offer. As well as interesting articles with...

Customer stories

This is how our customers use our programs and services:

Komatsu Forest

Komatsu is working smart by reusing information

Komatsu Forest started to use Zert CLM while investing in a new platform for their spareparts catalog. The changes meant a whole new way of working with information for Komatsu, but after a little getting used to period, the employees are now undoubtedly positive about the new way of working.


The projects that will make BillerudKorsnäs world leading

When BillerudKorsnäs, a leader in renewable packaging materials, invested in two production plants, Zert had to deal with both the statutory demands and the risks. An assignment that included both Zert RMp and Zert RM.


No more double work at Ålö in Umeå

With the help of Zert CLM, Ålö has succeeded in rationalizing away much duplication. They achieved this by linking the production of the spare parts catalog with the production of the user manual.

Bomhus Energi

Nothing was left to chance when Bomhus expanded in Gävle

In 2010, Korsnäs decided to build a new bioenergy boiler at its factory site in Gävle. To monitor and reduce the risks in the project, they use Zert RM.


SCA invests in heat from renewable fuels

When SCA’s mill outside Sundsvall carries out a larger project, Zert’s consulting department Selecto is included. The assignment is to manage and document risk assessments of technical systems.


New plant brings more cheese from Norrmejerier

Norrmejerier in Burträsk completed a new plant for more than 150 million in 2014. The new facility means that Norrmejerier can produce much more of its appreciated västerbottensost than before.


More electricity and heat from renewable fuels for E.on in Örebro

When the energy company E.on built a new bio boiler in Örebro, they used Zert RM to identify risks. The bio boiler was ready at the end of 2012.

About us

We are an engineering and IT company

Zert AB is an engineering and IT company with specialist competences in respect of risk assessments and legislative technical documentation. Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience of forming sustainable solutions for the future, improving people’s lives and our customers’ competitiveness.