Zert RM

Collects all risk management in one place.

Zert RM is a web-based program which collects all your risk management in one place.

The program will make it simple to identify, evaluate and communicate the risks in your organization. As Zert RM is built up on modules, you may easily adapt it to your demands.

Take control over your risks

Adapted to your demands

Gives control of everything

Is always available

Risk management is basically about predicting things that may go wrong and making sure that things that have gone wrong do not occur again. In Zert RM you will handle everything from reporting of incidents to advanced technical risk analyses. From there you may easily assess risks on the same set of values and communicate them to anyone you would like to receive them.

Make risks visible

Zert RM will make it easy to get a quick overview of risks. As the risk analysis is finished, you will see the results in the Graphics.

Handle your safety inspections directly from your mobile

Zert RM will be working just as well in a mobile as on a computer. No matter if you have full coverage or none at all, you will always be able to access what you need.

The user-interface for the mobile is developed in order to be clear, also when you are on the run. Therefore Zert RM will be equally efficient at the plant or out in the field.

Get an overview of the action plan

Zert RM will keep control of everything for you. The program will remind you when things must be finished, will delegate duties to your staff automatically and will summarize everything through a simple press of a button.


The action plan will give you an overview, and you will get automatic reminders.


The list will display a summary of activities in the action plan.


The activity description will display the status of the activity and other information.

Customer stories

This is how our customers use our programs and services:

Bomhus Energi

Nothing was left to chance when Bomhus expanded in Gävle

In 2010, Korsnäs decided to build a new bioenergy boiler at its factory site in Gävle. To monitor and reduce the risks in the project, they use Zert RM.


New plant brings more cheese from Norrmejerier

Norrmejerier in Burträsk completed a new plant for more than 150 million in 2014. The new facility means that Norrmejerier can produce much more of its appreciated västerbottensost than before.


More electricity and heat from renewable fuels for E.on in Örebro

When the energy company E.on built a new bio boiler in Örebro, they used Zert RM to identify risks. The bio boiler was ready at the end of 2012.

Discover the advantages of Zert RM

Collect everything regarding risks and safety and let, for example, subcontractors and external project managers contribute with their parts. Analyze everything from products and plants to direct project risks.

Implement self-declaration for CE marking in a simple way. RM will support about ten product areas, where machinery is the most demanded module.

A natural stage in all risk management is the systematic improvement work and the management system. Therefore RM will support documentation and communication throughout the whole PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act).


RM will collect all the steps of your work process in one and the same program. All you need to be able to work efficiently is there from the start.

RM will work in both Android and iOS. Instead of printing the checklist, you may fill it in directly from the mobile, the tablet or the computer and save both time and paper.


When you are working with e.g. a checklist, you may make the risk assessment directly in the same electronic document. Measures will automatically be connected with every individual check question, and when measures then are delegated the recipient will see the original source and any other measures to be implemented within the same area.