Risk assessment

Technical systems

Zert AB also leads and implements risk assessment of all types of technical systems and projects. We have a long experience and can help you to find out what just you will need and make sure that you comply with the current requirements and rules.

At Zert we have a long experience from risk assessment.

We can help you to review and map out your requirements at your plant and then help you to get started with the process of risk assessment, set up safety checks, continuous inspections and routines according to your requirements.

We can carry out risk assessments by optional methods


HAZOP (Flow analysis, process safety)


TOPP (Machine safety, work around machines, lifting devices)


CHK (Checklist method)

FMEA (Fault-Mode-Effects Analysis)


FTD (Fault Tree Diagram IEC61508 model etc.)


FTA (Fault Tree Analysis)


Various qualitative, inductive methods, adapted for the actual object to be analysed.

With Zert as an independent body, risk assessment work will be smooth, and experience shows that the chance of getting an analysis of high quality will be improved, when an external resource leads the work. Zert can carry out analyses of all types of systems and through the whole lifecycle of the product. The risk assessments will be carried out in our system Zert RM, and we can adapt risk assessments to your needs and requirements.