The projects that will make BillerudKorsnäs world leading

When BillerudKorsnäs, a leader in renewable packaging materials, invested in two production plants, Zert had to deal with both the statutory demands and the risks. An assignment that included both Zert RMp and Zert RM.



BillerudKorsnäs is leading within renewable packaging materials in Sweden. When the company board approved an investment of SEK 900 million into the production plants at Frövi and Rockhammar, Zert was commissioned for both the projects. The missions involved handling the legislative requirements and the risks in both the projects with the use of Zert RMp and Zert RM.

The world’s largest machine for packaging and gable top cardboard

The purpose of the investment was to increase the capacity of the plants. When the projects are finished Frövi will have a capacity of 550 000 tonnes per year of high-quality packaging and gable top cardboard. Rockhammar will have a capacity of 150 00 tonnes of CTMP pulp per year. Together, this will make BillerudKorsnäs the largest machine for the production of packaging and gable top cardboard, integrated into chemical pulp.