Since 1994

Our business

Zert AB is an engineering and IT company with specialist competences in respect of risk assessments and legislative technical documentation. Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience of forming sustainable solutions for the future, improving people’s lives and our customers’ competitiveness.

We enrich the knowledge we have built up in our self-developed web-based programs. All in order to meet demands from the small exporting company to the global organization.


Our strength

Our strength is our knowledge of how industrial innovation work and work for change should be run from start to finish. By combining technology, law and communication we have developed programs that give better service than on-site services.


Our vision and our core values

Credence, quality and efficiency are the main priorities of Zert’s business. Companies that are able to live up to the customer’s expectations and at the same time operate in harmony with their own vision and their core values will be more successful in the long run. In order to make good achievements and to live by our ethical principles we integrate our vision and our values into everything we do.