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Better projects start off with better safety work. Our specialists will pilot you and guide projects as well as lines on the correct safety level with relevant documentation and an efficient process.

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This is how our customers use our programs and services:


SCA invests in heating from renewable fuels

When the SCA plant outside Sundsvall implements a major project, the Zert consultant unit Selecto is taking part. The mission is to conduct and document risk assessments of technical systems.

SCA is one of the world-leading operators within sectors like: personal hygiene products, tissue and forest industry products. Right now SCA is implementing the Biocoop project at its plant outside Sundsvall. The project includes a new plant for the grinding of pellets and the burning of wood powder in two bio fuel boilers as well as investments in smoke gas cleaning. They are also rebuilding for the delivery of distance heating to Sundsvalls Energi AB.

Selecto conducts and documents risk assessments in the project

In the project Selecto, Zert’s consultant unit, has been commissioned to conduct and document risk assessments of technical systems in consultation with the SCA project management. Apart from SCA’s own staff, risk assessment groups also include experts from Sundsvalls Energi, third-party authorities, a number of consultants and the various suppliers within the project.

More heating from renewable fuels will lead to reduced oil consumption

The investments into Biocoop will lead to SCA being able to supply more heating from renewable fuels to the Sundsvall district heating network from both the Östrand and the Ortviken plants. The investment will also lead to a substantial reduction of oil consumption in Sundsvall and a reduction of CO2 emissions. Oil consumption is estimated to be reduced by ca 25 000 m3 per year.

New plant yields more cheese from Norrmejerier

In 2014, Norrmejerier in Burträsk finished a new plant for more than SEK 150 million. The plant enables Norrmejerier to produce considerably more of their appreciated Västerbottensost (Västerbotten Cheese) than before.

Norrmejerier is owned by local farmers in the Counties of Norrbotten, Västerbotten and Västernorrland. With brands like Västerbottensost, Verum and Gainomax Norrmejerier is a popular choice in the north.

When Norrmejerier finished a new plant in 2014 Zert was commissioned to conduct the risk assessments before the CE marking of the machinery and the supportive systems.

Zert RM was well used in the project in order to document all the risk assessments, something that Ulf Greve, local manager of the plant, was able to make good use of.

- Zert has been of great help in our work to make risk assessments of the plant. We feel safe with the work they have done, says Ulf.

Zert would like to thank Norrmejerier for good cooperation and would gladly like to assist in future projects.
Bomhus Energi

Nothing was left to chance when Bomhus decided to extend in Gävle.

In 2010 Korsnäs decided to build a new bio energy boiler at their industrial site in Gävle. In order to keep a check on and reduce the risks within the project they are using Zert RM.

Bomhus Energi AB was founded when municipally-owned Gävle Energi and Billerud/Korsnäs joined together. The purpose was to build and share a new bio energy boiler at the Korsnäs industrial estate in Gävle. In the bio energy boiler project it was important that risks were minimized for the employees, for people living in the vicinity and for the environment. Another important issue for the owners of the plant was the security of supply of electricity, steam and distance heating.

Korsnäs AB therefore acquired Zert RM and the Zert AB specialist competence at an early stage of the project. The mission was as a project resource to participate as project managers/part-project manager in the risk assessments. The project used Zert RM for risk identification in various part-projects and disciplines during the project period. The whole investment amounted to SEK 1 800 million.

Full control of the technical risks of the project

Today, as the project is finished, Korsnäs in Gävle has increased their share of self-produced electricity, from 38 to 45 % and lowered their oil consumption by 21 000 m3 per year. In order to keep a check on the technical risks throughout the project they used Zert RM.

One of the important project drivers was Mats Carlsson from ÅF in Norrköping. Mats was par-project manager in charge of layout and the linking of the various parts of the plant, the so-called “balance of plant” (BOP) and had a good insight into Zert’s work within the project.
–Zert helps us to keep track of the technical risks of the project, and at the same time we make legislative risk assessments for the pressure equipment components which are part of BOP, Mats explains.

Another important person with an insight into Zert’s work was the process specialist Ulrica Johansson from ÅF in Stockholm.

–Zert are asking the right risk questions and harmonize the new ideas that we continuously add to the construction, she says.

Substantial reduction of CO2 emissions in Gävle

The effects of this investment, together with the impacts of the new evaporation plant that has been completed, are that Korsnäs will reduce their environmental impact by 115 000 tonnes of CO2 per year. It will be reduced from 125 000 tonnes of CO2 to 10 000 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to 10 000 oil-heated homes.

The total CO2 emissions in the Municipality of Gävle will be decreased by ca 64 000 tonnes. This is equivalent to ca 13 % of the total CO2 emissions in the municipality, which in 2007 were approximately 490 000 tonnes.

We are an engineering and IT company

Zert AB is an engineering and IT company with specialist competences in respect of risk assessments and legislative technical documentation. Our consultants have more than 20 years’ experience of forming sustainable solutions for the future, improving people’s lives and our customers’ competitiveness.